Death Cafe @ The Rose Theatre Cafe, Kingston Tuesday, 13th May, 13-15pm

Death Cafe is coming to Kingston very soon!

Join us at the spacious and relaxing space of Rose Theatre Swallow Cafe for an informal and lively discussion of death and dying matters during the Dying Matters Awareness Week (12-18 May 2014).

The Café is sponsored by the Kingston University Alumni Opportunity Fund and will be facilitated by Dr Korina Giaxoglou, senior lecturer at Kingston University London and sociocultural linguist investigating traditional and digital practices of mourning.

There is no pre-set agenda or theme to the Kingston Death cafe. The facilitator will work with participants to agree on the ground rules for discussion and will suggest a dialogue format and prompts that participants can choose from depending on their interests and concerns. This is very much a participant-led event, so be prepared to share your views and attitudes with people you have never met before and listen to others’ perspectives in a respectful manner.

Death Cafés operate as non-profit, open, respectful and confidential spaces where people can explore attitudes and perspectives to death and dying in a safe and friendly environment alongside tea and cake. Participants are not led to any conclusion, product, course of action or religious affiliation. Please note that Death café is not a bereavement support or grief counselling setting.

For more information about the Death Café movement please visit:

Email to let us know you’re coming so we ensure there’s enough tea and cake for everyone!
Contact Korina on:


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